I was in the kitchen eating breakfast, when my wife wandered downstairs to feed her dog and let it outside for its morning business.  This is typically a wordless encounter.  The sun is not fully up.  The lights are on a dim setting.  The boys are still asleep.  Everything is relatively quiet.  I’m a morning person, but I enjoy my quiet time and solitude in the morning.  In other words, I’m not really looking for much conversation first thing in the morning.  And, my wife isn’t either.  She enjoys her sleep.  She usually heads right back to bed after tending to her dog. (Yes, it’s her dog. I’m not a pet person.)

This particular morning was different.  My wife announced that she felt so refreshed.  She said she slept so soundly.  As it turns out, my wife had taken a low dose of CBD isolate before going to bed.

For the next several nights, my wife took the same dose of CBD isolate, about 17mg.  And, each morning she had the same feeling of being refreshed and well rested, like she had slept very soundly.  Wanting to know if her better sleep was due to the CBD isolate, she skipped a dose.  The next morning, she told me she did not sleep as well, and did not feel as well rested.

Having an analytical mind and wanting facts, I began my research into whether or not CBD isolate helps with a better night’s sleep.  Was my wife’s experience normal?  Was there research on the effect of CBD isolate on sleep?  How did it alter sleep?

In my research, I found lots of people who have had experiences similar to my wife’s.  I also found clinical studies which do not indicate that CBD isolate directly improves sleep.  Researchers conducting a study in São Paulo, Brazil, reported, “We found no significant differences in polysomnography results following the administration of CBD and placebo to healthy volunteers. Likewise, there were no statistically significant changes in the subjective and cognitive measures collected during the two nights of polysomnographic exams.”

It’s worth considering that the participants in Brazilian study were healthy non-smoking adults who were not on any medications and who had an average BMI of just under 25.  But, what about average unhealthy people who didn’t fit the study parameters?  Does CBD isolate help them sleep better?

Some researchers have theorized that CBD isolate helps with a better night’s sleep indirectly by improving things which often lead to restless nights.  It’s well known that CBD helps with inflammation, pain, and anxiety, and these are all things that lead to restless nights.

In my research, I have found that there’s no real final conclusion about how CBD isolate helps with a better night’s sleep because there are just too many parameters such as overall health, stress, age, dosage, and frequency.  As with any supplement, medication, diet, or exercise program, users may need trial and error period to see what works best for them.  As for my wife, she continues to take her CBD isolate every night about an hour before bedtime.

If you’ve used CBD Isolate to get a better night’s sleep, please comment below.


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