The Fake Face Mask

The fake face mask is a 100% compliant face covering.  It will get you into the most secure “mask required” zones while ALLOWING YOU TO BREATHE!  It also holds all of the same certifications that traditional hand-sewn cloth masks hold.  Though this mask would not be the preferred disguise of any half witted bank robber.

Here is a complete list of those certifications for your reference:

  •  It’s a mask.
  •  It covers your face.

Additionally, it is 100% MADE IN THE USA!

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This mask is for those who say “Screw You” to the tyrannical Marxists who are trying to push their globalist agenda down our throats.

According to a report published by the CDC on September 11, 2020, traditional masks increase your risks of contracting COVID as much as 1900%.  But, the power hungry politicians still want you to wear these useless dangerous face coverings.  But, you will not see this report on main stream media.  It does not fit their agenda.

CDC Report – Masks Increase Risks 1900%


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