Healing with Frequencies


Healy is a wearable frequency device that helps your mind and body.   It started as a treatment device for Lupus patients in Germany and is now used to treat so many other ailments.  Although only recently available in the United States, the Healy has been used in Germany by thousands of practitioners to treat over 500,000 patients.

Every atom in everything produces, emits, and receives energy which operates at specific frequencies.  Every type of cell, bacteria, and virus in our body has it’s own unique frequency.

When our frequencies are out of balance, our health will decline. 

Healthy humans have a frequency of 62 to 72 megahertz (MHz).  When our frequency drops, we are more likely to feel unwell and to get sick.  Indeed, if our frequency drops to around 58 MHz, we are more likely to get a cold or the flu.  If our frequency drops to around 42 MHz, we are more likely to get cancer.

Maintaining the optimum frequency for all our cells helps maintain our health. 

Healy offers over 120 individualized frequency programs to help with:

Mental Balance

Bioenergetic Balance
And More

Healy is a one of kind device with the optional capability to scan your body to determine which frequency program is right for you.  No other frequency device can do this.

In the United States, Healy is approved by the FDA for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, arthritis pain, and muscle soreness.  Elsewhere around the world, Healy has been used for so much more.

How can Healy help you?

Let’s find out.

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If you want to go deeper in your understanding of how Healy works, then this video is for you.  

For centuries people have used prayer and meditation to tap into deeper levels of consciousness and energy to effect positive change, to improve health, to overcome emotional challenges, and more. This deeper level of energy, whether you believe it comes from God or elsewhere, is in all of us. It is waiting for us to tap in and use it’s power to transform our lives.

The Healy, with Time Waver technology, is a portable wearable device that taps into this hidden energy and uses it to promote health and well being.