For most of us, cancer is probably the scariest single diagnosis we could ever receive.  We’ve all known people, family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, teachers, preachers, and crooks who have not lived very long after having received the news of their cancer.  And, if the cancer doesn’t kill you, the traditional treatments of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery just might.

The grim outcome of these FDA approved and AMA endorsed treatments has led many patients to seek alternative therapies including hypnosis, yoga, Amygdalin, Hoxsey, essential oils, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, juicing, and Marijuana.  The internet is full of stories from people who have successfully used these non-traditional options.  And, in your search for these stories, you’ll find just as many main stream news articles warning against going with anything which isn’t being sold by your oncologist.  Indeed, it’s often difficult to know who to believe, especially if you’re the one fighting this disease.

Doctors will often tell you that the stories and the alternative therapies aren’t backed by science or scientific research.  And, this is mostly true.  It is unlikely that any large pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers are going to willingly invest millions of dollars and several years of study to research a natural remedy for which they cannot get patent protection.  But, smaller firms and others backed by private investors are doing the research and are finding promising results in many areas, including use of CBD Isolate for the treatment of cancer.

One research group, which reviewed over 60 studies and research papers, concluded:

“Collectively, the non-psychoactive plant-derived cannabinoid CBD exhibits pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative actions in different types of tumors and may also exert anti-migratory, anti-invasive, anti-metastatic and perhaps anti-angiogenic properties. On the basis of these results, evidence is emerging to suggest that CBD is a potent inhibitor of both cancer growth and spread.”

Regardless of the published and on going research into CBD or other alternative therapies, don’t expect your doctor to steer you away from pharmaceutical drugs or surgery anytime soon.  As one cancer drug salesman once told me, there’s just way too much profit in chemotherapy and radiation treatments for any oncologists to ever be interested in the prevention of cancer or natural remedies.  And regardless of astronomical profits, generally speaking, doctors typically aren’t adventurous enough to step outside the boundaries created by the FDA.  But, you can.

You have the option to do your own research.  And, I recommend that you do.  For me personally, if a doctor ever tells me that I have cancer, I will likely turn to therapies such as Amygdalin, Hoxsey, and CBD Isolate as well as make drastic dietary changes to ensure I’m maintaining the ideal internal conditions to kill those cancer cells.

Have you ever been given a life threatening diagnosis?  What did you do?

Please share your experiences below, in the comments section.


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