They say that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”.  When it comes to looking for healthy options in a toxic world, sometimes invention is the best and only route.  And, it might be the fastest and least costly option as well.

Upon running out of my favorite mail order healthy mouthwash, I had to either wait for a new bottle to arrive, settle for something else, or make my own homemade healthy mouthwash.  If you’ve found yourself in this same predicament, I encourage you to look into making your own.  It takes less than five minutes and costs less than a dollar using ingredients that most health conscience consumers already have at home.

Your main ingredient is of course water.   Dr. Josh Axe1 recommends using spring water while others recommend distilled water.  Tap water is probably ok too, unless you’re planning to mix enough to fill a 55 gallon drum.  Keep in mind that tap water may include unwanted chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.  Most of the online recipes call for just enough water to fill a typical Mason jar.

Once you have your water and you jar there are endless combinations of other ingredients that you can add to suit your tastes.  Dr. Mark Burhenne2 says that one of his favorite recipes, which also happens to be the simplest, is nothing more than distilled water and baking soda (sodium carbonate).  Dr. Burhenne states that adding sea salt to this mix enhances the mineralizing benefits.

Many online recipes for homemade healthy mouthwash also include a variety of essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Lemon Oil.  For those who practice oil pulling, they may also bring coconut oil into the mix.

Based on your specific health concerns and oral health goals, you might also add Tumeric for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  L-arginine combined with Bicarbonate and Calcium Carbonate3 is shown to reduce tooth sensitivity as well as reduce oral plaque.  Adding Clove4 to your mixture will help reduce bad bacteria.

If all of this sounds like a delicious mix, that’s great.  But, if you’re concerned about the flavor, you can add a few drops of Stevia extract, Xylitol, or Spearmint to help improve the taste.

My first batch of homemade healthy mouthwash was a very simple recipe consisting of water, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.  I’m going to venture out a little with my next batch.  If you’ve never made your own, I encourage you to start simple and adjust to your tastes and available ingredients.  There will always be room for improvement, so don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time.

Have you made your own Homemade Healthy Mouthwash?

We want to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts below, in the comments section.


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