“The Autoimmune Solution” by Dr Amy Myers, has become a popular guide for those dealing with inflammation and autoimmune diseases.  This book along with Dr Myers’ cookbook, “The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook” and her Facebook group (The Myers Way® Community) is offering hope and guidance for anyone suffering from autoimmune disease.

In “The Autoimmune Solution” Dr Myers provides her personal experience of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease while still in medical school.  She talks about her background, lifestyle, and diet leading up to her diagnosis and how these things set the stage for her disease.

Dr Myers explains in laymen’s terms how the immune system functions and what makes it go goofy, creating autoimmune diseases.  She then gives readers her recommendations for testing, diet, and other steps needed to reverse these diseases and hopefully prevent the onset of other autoimmune diseases.

“The Autoimmune Solution” is a fantastic starting place for anyone dealing with autoimmune diseases.  The diet, testing, and lifestyle recommendations in this book are proven to help and have become fairly standard among top functional medicine doctors.

“The Autoimmune Solution” is available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon and the audio version is available from Audible.

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