In “The Obesity Code”, Dr Jason Fung expertly explains why everything you thought you knew about weight loss is dead wrong.  He reviews dozens of diets and weight loss studies of the past century and concludes that most weight loss programs follow what he calls a, “Calories In, Calories Out” ideology.  Dr Fung covers the long term research which proves this model is inherently flawed because it fails to address the root cause of weight gain – hormones.

Dr Fung looks closely at the history of the North American diet to explain how it’s changes have created a population that is predominately obese.  Some of these changes include eating significantly more processed food and refined carbohydrates, snacking more in between meals, and eating less healthy fat and less fiber.  But, Dr Fung doesn’t stop there.  He looks at the government programs and the recommendations of groups such as the American Heart Association, which have clearly put us on the path to bigger waist lines, more diabetes, more heart disease, and a shorter life.

The wrong foods at the wrong time increase insulin production.
More insulin leads to more fat storage.
More fat storage leads to insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance leads to more insulin.
And, the cycle continues.

In addition to showing us how we got so fat, Dr Fung provides his advice for permanently slimming our bulging bellies by changing what we eat and when we eat in order to reduce insulin and reverse insulin resistance.

“The Obesity Code” is likely to give you an entirely new perspective on weight management.  It is recommended reading for healthcare professionals, parents, anyone struggling to lose weight, and anyone involved in setting public food policy.

“The Obesity Code” is available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon and the audio version is available from Audible.

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