“The Moth in the Iron Lung” by Forrest Maready takes an in depth look at polio.  Cover to cover this book is packed with history and insights that you have never heard before.  Not wanting to give too much away, as this would ruin the story, the Forrest shows how trade relations between the north and south during the civil war, led to outbreaks of poliomyelitis in the late 1800’s.

Forrest takes readers through history of this disease as if he’s telling a story.  He intertwines the personal experiences of those who lived through polio with the science, vaccines, business, and politics of this disease.

“The Moth in the Iron Lung” eliminates the numerous misconceptions about polio.  It’s simply one of those books that makes you question everything you thought you knew.  It makes you realize that our memories are not infallible and that we often only see a tiny portion of the truth.

“The Moth in the Iron Lung” is available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon and the audio version is available from Audible.

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